The Original Egg King Manufacturer

When ADSI, Inc. was first founded back in 1980, we had one goal in mind: To provide our customers with a commercial egg breaking, washing, and separating machine that could help them handle their eggs in the kitchen more efficiently. We accomplished that goal by creating the Original Egg King Egg Breaking Machine that was able to crack eggs, extract their contents, and blend them without eggshells working their way into a recipe. We’ve continued to push the envelope over the last 40 years while perfecting our products and we now have more than 35,000 machines in use today throughout all different parts of the world.

Commercial Egg Cracking & Cleaning Machines

At ADSI, Inc., we currently offer several options for those searching for a commercial egg breaking, washing, and separating machine. Some of our most popular products include the:

• Centri-Matic III
• SEW-800 Shell Egg Washing & Breaking System

Each of these machines operates a little differently and can be used for a bevy of purposes. The Centri-Matic III, for example, is capable of cracking, extracting, and blending up to 300 eggs of any size every 60 seconds and can deliver the same consistency each time you use it. It’ll allow you to stop using processed egg products and go back to using the high-quality fresh eggs you love for cooking and baking purposes.

The SEW-800 Shell Egg Washing & Breaking System machine will provide you with clean sanitary eggshells and can wash and sanitize as many as 3,600 shell eggs every hour.

The Benefits of Using Our Machines

There are many benefits to using a commercial egg breaking, washing, and separating machine from ADSI, Inc. As you know, making a profit in the food service industry and baking business starts with finding ways to improve at the margins. Machines like the Centri-Matic III can help you do this by saving you hundreds of dollars in food and labor costs from the moment you begin using them in your kitchen. They’ll also allow you to utilize fresh eggs all the time as opposed to having to rely on processed egg products when preparing recipes that call for eggs.

We specialize in assisting food service operators, bakers, restaurant owners, convenience store chains, and so many others. If you have any questions, call us at 580-924-4461.

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