About ADSI Inc.

Fresh Eggs Are Best and Cost Less!

Michael E. Maynard, owner and founder of ADSI Inc., since 1980, saw that there was a need in the Food Service and Baking Industry for a more efficient way to break shell eggs. Labor costs were high and the egg processors had come out with a frozen whole egg product at a higher price than fresh eggs, but with very little labor cost.

The problem was, by pasteurizing and freezing, the whole egg had lost roughly 40% of its efficiency in the baker’s end product. The quality and presentation was no longer the same as when using fresh shell eggs. And then, the idea became reality and the “Original Egg King” Egg Breaking Machine was born. This revolutionary machine was designed to crack, extract and blend the liquid of shell eggs while capturing the shells within the machine for a fresh, not frozen product. Thus, the problem was solved for both the Food Service Operator and Baker.

A common question is asked, “Do I use enough eggs?” If your business uses a minimum of two cases (30 Doz. Ea.) per day, then you will see the machine return its entire investment within months, in product and labor savings combined. There is not another piece of equipment, of any kind, that you can purchase that can make this claim.

You name it, within the food service industry, and we are there. We are the Egg King, serving the world…one egg at a time. You can find our machines breaking eggs in small Eateries, as well as in some of the finest Restaurants, Bakeries, First Class Hotels and Resorts throughout the world. We also have many Institutional and Convenience Store Chains with breakfast programs as loyal clients.

The success of ADSI Inc. is quite simple.

We offer a high quality product that requires little or no maintenance and one of the best warranties in the equipment industry. With our Worldwide Distribution System well in place, it’s no wonder that we have more than 35,000 machines in use today throughout the United States, Europe and Latin America.