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Santiago’s Mexican Grill (23 Locations in the Greater Denver Area)
Carmen Morales, Owner

It has been awhile since we’ve spoken! I believe that is a good sign that the machines that we purchased are working GREAT!! They are so fast and have saved us Thousands of dollars. We are opening 2 new restaurants and will surely contact you for future purchases.

Penfold’s CafĂ© – Temecula, CA
Kim Love, Owner

This addition to our Kitchen has become a vital piece of equipment used daily. It is so easy to use and has paid for itself within a few short months.

Mi Madre’s Restaurant – Austin, TX
Aurelio Torres, Owner

I have used the Centri-Matic for the past 10 years with superb results. You have a raving fan here in Austin!

Junior’s Restaurant
Marvin Saul, Owner

“We wouldn’t be without our Machine. It is excellent and of top Quality. The performance and savings are all you said they would be. My machine paid for itself in three months.”

Little Pepi’s
Philip Schettone

“The Machine has been quite a cost, time and labor saver. Cracking the eggs by hand took an average of 5 to 6 hours daily. With our Machine from start to finish, including clean up, takes only 1-1/2hours.”

Specialty Bakers of Miami
Tyler K. Michell, Pres.

“We have had our machine for over ten years and we are extremely pleased. It creates a much better product for us by enabling us to use fresh eggs in our cakes. We have never had any problems with the machine and it is still working as well today as the day we purchased it.”

Gwennie’s Old Alaska Restaurant
Ron Eagley

“The Egg Breaking Machine is a very vital piece of equipment in our kitchen.”

Cormac Devine
Executive Chef

“With more than 30 million dollars a year in food and beverage sales, we cannot afford the waste of cracking eggs by hand. This machine saves time; we have a fresher, more consistent product because machine cracking protects the quality of the merchandise. We use an average of 280, 30-dozen cases per week. Our kitchen supplies eight restaurants and more than 200, 000 square feet of banquet space.”

The Dessert Factory
Larry Gonsales, Owner

“The effort of cracking eggs is now cleaner and more economical.”