Thank you for your interest in the Centri-Matic III & Egg Valet egg breaking machines. As you know, making a profit in the food service and baking business begins with your buying and processing ability. Lowering food and labor cost while maintaining top quality. This is where Centri-Matic III & Egg Valet can save you hundreds of dollars, by lowering your product and labor cost, thus generating greater profits. The egg is one of the most frequently called for ingredients in food and baking recipes. When processed egg products were introduced they became a trade-off, convenience for labor savings at a higher price. Product quality fell victim to the labor savings, why? Because of natures perfect package, the egg shell and its inherent cost of hand cracking. With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to our Centri-Matic III & Egg Valet. These machines can crack, extract and blend thirty dozen eggs in less than one minute, with the same consistency each and every time it is used. You will receive 15% more yield over hand cracking, plus the labor savings. If you are now using a processed egg product, you can go back to the high quality fresh egg and save .15 to .50 cents per pound on product cost. This savings can easily pay for these machines in less than a year, or a shorter period of time based upon your egg usage. Business and profits grow only when new ideas and technology are employed by those who are actively engaged in the business of making money. That’s the idea of being in business, isn’t it?

Centri-Matic III – The Egg Valet

The SEW-800 – The Egg Washer

EBS 3000 – The Egg Breaker